Alghero Sardinia Italy

[25-June-2022 to 04-July-2022, Alghero, Sardegna (Sardinia) IT]

Francesa invited me to her 50th birthday bash in Alghero, Sardegna in Italy. I flew into JFK via Delta since they had better times than AA. Met up with Francesca and then flew from JFK to MXP (Milano, IT) on AA in Economy Plus, which is like domestic First Class except the seats are a tad narrower. Then from MSP, flew to AHO (Alghero) airport via EasyJet.

Then we got a car and drove to the villa we are staying at – met up with Kim and Laura. Let the adventure begin. Kim left early on Friday. Marco flew in after Kim left and we continued our adventures. Here are the pictures. I did an initial cut from 1000 to 400 and I was going to trim a bit more but it got tedious too fast so here are all 400 in the order they happened. Also, I gave up commenting on the pics after the first batch so sorry about that – just click on the pic below or the link under it to go to the picture page:

The Villa at Alghero, Sardegna, IT

Zetta Wine Dinner with Cedric the Entertainer

[24-March-2022, Los Angeles, CA, US]

This is a trip I picked since I was invited by Smith Devereux Wines. The dinner was great. Met with the Cedric the Entertainer, the Ian Devereux and the Melier family.

And I made great friends there from the next table over and we had a few pictures taken with Cedric the Entertainer. We had several wines but the main wine was the Cedric’s Zetta Wine named in honor of Cedric’s mother. You can read the details here on Zetta Wine.

I have a handful of pictures from the event here – just click on the pic below or the link under it to go to the picture page:

Zetta Wine Dinner with Cedric the Entertainer

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2022

[26-30 January, 2022 Key West, FL, US]

So this is the 13th Annual Key West Food and Wine Fest 2022. My 12th time here 🙂 I missed the first one ever last year in 2021 due to COVID. Oh well…

Every year, the weather is different, from blasting hot, just right, to cool to cold. This year, it tended to be mostly cool during the day and cold at night.

There were a lot of events and there were less attendees than normal. Hopefully in 2023, we will get back to normal crowd levels. Anyway, enough words, let the pictures do the talking. Pictures are in chorological order. I left some brief comments under some pictures. So you can click on the pic below or the link under it to go to the picture page:

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2022

Tiki Oasis 2021

[28-JUL through 91-Aug 2021, San Diego, CA, US]

Back in 2019, my sci-fi con buddy Nathan said I gotta go to Tiki Oasis – it is over the top fun. SO I said okay, I’m game. Registered for Tiki Oasis 2020 and -BOOM- COVID hit. So – I rolled over my tickets to 2021 and here are my pictures in no particular order… Few pictures are from Angela, as marked. Click on the pic or link below to check out all of the Tiki photos:

Tiki Oasis 2021 -Live entertainment day and night!

Key West in June 2021

[June, 24-27, 2021 Key West, FL US]

So… I missed the “Key West Food and Wine Fest 2021” back in January due to SARS-CoV-2 (or COVID-19). It was the very first time I missed the Food and Wine Fest since it’s inception over a decade ago… So I had to get my Key West travel in this year especially since I really wanted to get some of the “Death in the Afternoon Absinthe” by Key West Trading Co. So here are some pics from the tasting room at the Key West Trading Co as well as some pics from the Vino Wine Bar – and a few others – click on the pic below or the link under the pic:

Old Town Alexandria looking onto King Street from O’Connell’s Restaurant patio

Oh, if you want more information on Key West Trading Co., here is their website: