Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore MD 2023

[2023-July-04-thru-09, Baltimore, MD US]

So I was at the 2023 Mensa AG or Annual Gathering in Baltimore, MD. Usually I don’t do tours when I go to a convention; however, I could not pass up going to the only (so far) Guinness Brewery in the US. I have been to the Dublin Guinness Brewery (a few times) so this would be a perfect thing to do. Plus it was a Friday 07-JUL-2023…

So here are pictures from the tour. This brewery creates experimental brews and then when they think they have a hit, they will produce it for distribution. However, a lot of it is small batch experiments and you need to be at the brewery to taste those special one of a kind until they run out concoctions.

Oh, one last thing. In Dublin, you only get one Guinness on the tour and you can’t buy additional ones. At Guiness Open Gate Baltimore, not only do you get multiple samples on the tour, you can order more after (or before) the tour; plus they have a kitchen, so you can order food. So that is a big plus. Here are the pictures from the tour.

Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore MD

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