Key West Food and Wine Fest JAN 2023

[25-JAN-2023 to 29-JAN-2023 Key West, FL US]

Where I am, it was snow all over the ground from weeks ago that has not melted. Iced over one morning and the bare branches of the trees and everything was coated with ice. Looked enchanting so I snapped a few pictures. Then to the airport. The plane was empty going out. Got to Key West on Wednesday night and visited with the wine and food fest group as they were finishing the dinner. Made my rounds quickly and said hello to everyone.

Thursday, went to Sloppy Joes as always. And of course took a pic just because I always do. Then off to the first Key West Food and Wine Fest dinner on Thursday night. Amazing as usual. Food, wine, really great. Chef gave a quick talk on the food and pairings (picture above).

Friday, I took a day off for the festivities and went to the Prime Steakhouse on Caroline Street. I ordered an entire bottle of Malbec so I can take the left over back to the hotel, in theory, of course…

Saturday was lunch at the fest. Each meal paired with wine of course. Great presentation. Great food and music. One of the wines (see pictures below) was approximately $270 per bottle (if you can find any, it actually goes for more). We got a taste of it 🙂 This link was working as of January 2023: Bressia Ultima Hoja Blend.

The last fest event I went to was Saturday afternoon at the wine tasting right by the Key West Light House. The lighthouse was open so I went in of course and took pictures. Then soon as I got out of the lighthouse a Boeing V-22 Osprey was flying overhead so I took a picture of it. I enlarged it and you can see faint detail – not bad for a phone camera…

I missed the Sunday brunch but it’s okay, I went from Key West to Miami and got onboard an American Airlines Boeing 787 in Business class from Miami to Dallas. The flight was too short! While the food was obviously not chef cooked nor on site; however, it was good, especially with drinks, of course.

See all the pictures by clicking on the picture or link below:

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2023

The Key West Food and Wine Fest is every year on the last weekend of January and you can get the information here. The program for each year is posted around October of each year at the Key West Food and Wine Fest official site.

Tiki Oasis 2021

[28-JUL through 91-Aug 2021, San Diego, CA, US]

Back in 2019, my sci-fi con buddy Nathan said I gotta go to Tiki Oasis – it is over the top fun. SO I said okay, I’m game. Registered for Tiki Oasis 2020 and -BOOM- COVID hit. So – I rolled over my tickets to 2021 and here are my pictures in no particular order… Few pictures are from Angela, as marked. Click on the pic or link below to check out all of the Tiki photos:

Tiki Oasis 2021 -Live entertainment day and night!

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2020

[January, 19-26, 2020 Key West, FL, US]

So this is the 11th Annual Key West Food and Wine Fest (2020) and my 11th time here 🙂 Here are the pictures from the fest. Not as many as usual, but there are a few interesting shots. Went to the “Beer and Grilled Cheese” event on Thursday, the aquarium for the Grand Tasting on Friday and even thou the weather was rather horrific (wind and rain), went to the Duval Street Wine Crawl.

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2020

GLOW at the Triangle L Ranch 12-OCT-2019 in Oracle, AZ

[14 October, 2019, Oracle, AZ, US]

Visited my dad, uncles, aunts and more in Oracle, AZ from the 10th to the 14th of October in Oracle. Went to GLOW, which is held by the Triangle L every year in the fall.

The event features artwork of all kinds dotted along multiple paths in the desert all within the Triangle L Ranch. There are several spots that have musicians playing esoteric music. There is also food and non-alcoholic drinks for sale at the event. It used to be one night a year but it got so crowded, it was split into four event days (with different themes) with limited tickets, so that you don’t get stuck in a huge swaths of people, making it more enjoyable to stroll from point to point. To see more poictures, click on the pic or the link below:

GLOW at the Triangle L Ranch in Oracle, AZ

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2019

[January 23 thru 27, 2019 Key West, FL, US]

Key West Food and Wine Fest 10th Year Anniversary! Met old friends and met new ones. Always fun in the sun. Almost – it was more cloudy and rainy weather-wise but fun and spirit-wise, it was as good as always! Here are some pictures from the event, click on the pic below or the link under the pic!

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2019