Denver Food and Wine Fest – Sep 2023

[09-Sep-2023 Denver, CO US]

I again went to which lists sites that list lists – specifically the Beer/Wine/Food Fest page and searched high and low for some interesting places to go.

This time, it was the Denver Food and Wine Fest held on the 9th of September 2023.

The who thing was one day, three hours (four hours for VIP ticket holders). You’d think that is hardly enough time to go to all the booths and have a taste. Nope, plenty of time as all the tents were right next to each other.

Food and “Wine” Fests now have even more varieties including spirits and beer. This one had Suntory from Japan which is the first time I came across that.

…and Aperol. What the heck is that? Again, it’s one of those that you never heard of before (but you hire marketing and do a worldwide blitz) and all of a sudden, everyone wants one. (The “whatever + Mule” craze died down so gotta have the next thing, right? BBC even did an article on Why Aperol Spritz is the drink of the summer.

Here are a some pictures from the event – click on the picture or link below for more:

Denver Food and Wine Fest 2023

The Denver Food and Wine Fest is every year in September and you can get the information here. The program for each year is posted three to six months before the event each year at Denver Food and Wine Fest official site.

Balboa Bay Resort Wine and Spirits Fest 2023

[2023-26-thru-28-May, Newport Beach, CA US]

I was updating my events site I made at and actually used the site to see what was happening. I updated the website and then started looking for things to do. I was looking to go somewhere for Memorial Day weekend and found out that the Balboa Bay Resort had a wine and spirit fest. So I booked a flight, got a hotel room, and got event tickets. So here is another weekend jaunt:

Thursday – arrived late. They gave me a bottle of wine which was a good start for the weekend.

Friday – worked during the day (being 100% telework is a good thin) and at night I went to the Macallen tasting. 12 year Sherry Cask, 12 year double barrel, 15 year, and the Rare Cask. The event was presented by US Macallen employees. They had visual as well as other sensory materials to enhance the experience. It was really great.

Saturday – the wine and spirit fest was packed. And there were half a dozen well stocked food stations provided by the hotel. The food wa absolutely smashing. It was visit a booth, get more food, visit a booth, get more food, repeat. That night, went to the Macallen tasting again. A great day and a great night!

Sunday – the wine and spirit fest again. The crowd was way down so it didn’t feel cramped. It was a more relaxing day. But more food, it was great.

See all the pictures by clicking on the picture or link below:

Balboa Bay Resort Wine and Spirits Fest 2023