Hal-Con SciFi Convention, Halifax 2010


[Oct 29-31, 2010 Halifax, NS, Canada] So, months ago, I decided to go to Hal-Con in Halifax. How did I find Hal-Con in Canada? Well, I was using my own site, ToServeFan.com. I have four volunteers (LAMP, JAR, LAT and SLR) working on populating the data on all (fun stuff, not business/trade) conventions in the entire known universe. So anyway, I was looking into going to a con for the Halloween weekend and picked Hal-Con. Was pretty cool. It was their first con (didn’t know that). The last time Haifax had a con of it’s own was half a dozen years ago, so the turnout was pretty impressive. The execution for being the first con was pretty good. They will need to work on crowd control better next time though. And, like other cons I have been going to, the attendance was way under-estimated, so they had more people than most all of the program rooms could hold. There were several con guests, notably Walter Koenig and Denise Crosby. If con-goers bought the VIP ticket, there was a three hour event that all of the con-guests were at and anyone could visit and talk with them. Of course I chatted up with Walter Koenig and Denise Crosby 🙂 It was a fun time.



CONvergence Con 2010


[July 01-04, 2010 Convergence 2010] Convergence was excellent as usual. Jill (JAR) from Illinois made it and so did Tina (my LosCon buddy Nathan’s sister) from California. Charissa and Shelly from Indiana didn’t make it due to a SNAFU at the Indiana airport. A lot of costumes, so that’s always a good thing. Party rooms were great. A lot of them ran out of food and drinks, but that’s a good thing – people had fun. And, for the people who threw parties, less to carry home… (No, really, I threw parties and if there is stuff left, I give it away, like to late night parties, etc. – no point in bringing it home…)

CONvergence 2010


Florida Super Con 2010


[June 18-20, 2010 Florida SuperCon] I thought Florida Super Con 2010 was basically a pro/media con with generic science fiction types roaming the hall but no. As predicted there were no party rooms – which was expected. The media stars were all there behind booths so you could walk up and talk any of them. No one was really hounded, so you could just walk up and say hi. The only pic I took was of Dawn Wells (Mary Ann in “Gilligan’s Island”)… But, the whole place was taken over by CosPlayers which was totally unexpected, especially from the web page description of the event. But apparently, it’s the annual CosPlay gathering there. Okay, so now I know. I took pictures, of course.

Florida Super Con 2010


Baycon Science Fiction Convention 2010 California


[May 28 – May 31, 2010, Santa Clara, CA] Baycon is a science fiction convention held every Memorial Day. Collectively, even though this was a generic scifi and fantasy con, there were more Steampunk outfits than all of the rest of the costumes combined. But, there still was plenty of variety of costumed people walking around. Surprisingly, the con suite was pitifully small. It was two regular hotel rooms with a connecting door and half the room flled with tables. Not conducive for ‘hanging in the con suite’, so everyone went onto the first floor of the hotel. Programming had a lot of glitches, delays and generally it didn’t fall apart because the fans were waaaay patient. One notable thing I did was that I went to the Klingon Charity Slave Auction for Make-a-Wish Foundation and I did win a round of bidding and got Sarah to do my bidding. That was fun. But the overall con was not as good as what a 28th year should have been, so the rating of the con is 7.0 out of 10.

The Ood from Doctor Who