Hal-Con SciFi Convention, Halifax 2010


[Oct 29-31, 2010 Halifax, NS, Canada] So, months ago, I decided to go to Hal-Con in Halifax. How did I find Hal-Con in Canada? Well, I was using my own site, ToServeFan.com. I have four volunteers (LAMP, JAR, LAT and SLR) working on populating the data on all (fun stuff, not business/trade) conventions in the entire known universe. So anyway, I was looking into going to a con for the Halloween weekend and picked Hal-Con. Was pretty cool. It was their first con (didn’t know that). The last time Haifax had a con of it’s own was half a dozen years ago, so the turnout was pretty impressive. The execution for being the first con was pretty good. They will need to work on crowd control better next time though. And, like other cons I have been going to, the attendance was way under-estimated, so they had more people than most all of the program rooms could hold. There were several con guests, notably Walter Koenig and Denise Crosby. If con-goers bought the VIP ticket, there was a three hour event that all of the con-guests were at and anyone could visit and talk with them. Of course I chatted up with Walter Koenig and Denise Crosby 🙂 It was a fun time.