All Your Base: Last Of Last! Premier 01-NOV-2017 !

This is a short film I have been working on and it is ready for release!
Are you ready? Main screen will turn on for the…

YouTube World PREMIERE


The release of All Your Base: Last Of Last™, the ultimate and most stunning 3D animated science fiction steampunk comedy spoof short film that parodies one of the first and most remembered memes of Internet: “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” is coming! Soon, soon, SOON! Watch trailer #1 and #3!


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all your base: last of last, all your base are belong to us

You are on the way to destruction… ha, ha, ha. HA! PLAY NOW!

All Your Base: Last Of Last – The Card Game

A fast paced 2 to 6 player game pitting players against each other to see who will rule the universe by capturing “All Your Base”. Fight using Zig fighters, Battle Cruisers, Dreadnoughts, and the Zero Wing ship. It’s not all as it seems, there are RED ALERT cards that can throw your plan awry! TAKE OFF EVERY ZIG!

allyourbaselol the card game


Stay tuned and follow the COUNTDOWN to the YouTube World Premiere of All Your Base: Last Of Last™, this November, 1! And don’t forget to MOVE ZIG! For great justice!

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GenCon 2016 Film Fest – All Your Base: Last OF Last

[04-07 Aug-2016, Indianapolis, IN, US]

GenCon 2016, and not for gaming but to attend the “GenCon 2016 Film Festival”. Why? Because my short animated film was an “Official Selection” of course! And, the plane I flew was on it’s maiden voyage (CRJ-900) and the pilot annouced it, so it was cool. It had the “new aiplane” smell! Here are the pics:

GenCon 2016 Film Festival

So what was the film that became an “Official Selection”? Can’t show you the film yet, but here are the previews for “All Your Base: Last Of Last” animated scifi comedy, starring: Claudia Christian (Commander Ivanova in Babylon 5), Colin Baker (Doctor Who #6 in Doctor Who), Cliff Simon (Ba’al in Stargate SG1, Terry Molly (Davros of the Daleks in Doctor Who) and Lizzie Roper (BBC Radio Doctor Who series):

Trailer #2 for the short film:

Trailer #1 for the short film:

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Microsoft Hololens First Hand Look

[19 MAY to 20 MAY 2016, Kirkland, WA]

So, I was at a MS TFS (Microsoft Team Foundation Server) training class at the Quicklearn training center in Kirkland, WA. They had the Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality (AR) headset on hand…

Quickly, VR or Virtual Reality is an enclosed system where everything you see is virtual or “fake”, meaning it’s all projected. If the power goes out, you see nothing except darkness. AR or Augmented Reality, like the MS Hololens, is an open system where you see the real world around you and elements of whatever is projected floats in you view. If the power goes out, you see your real world as is. Here are some pictures:

Microsoft Hololens First Hand Look

So, as I previously noted, I was at a training class and they had a Hololens and the instructor was kind enough to let me try it on. Wow, it was amazing. The low-rez video below does not do it justice, but you get the idea… To use the lens controls, you need to learn some gestures. In the sample video, I wasn’t exactly expert at pointing so the end where I am trying to punch in numbers, I am all over the wrong ones…

The scene is from the game “Fragments” where all of the people inside it are real height and you either interact with them or watch a scene. (Think of turning off the lights. Imagine doing “Doom” in 3D, in your own room with life-size monsters. Talk about crazy scary…)

Anyway here is a snippet of the game, nothing scary, just a random scene. It was in “infra red” mode”, the music is not part of the game, I added it since looking at a soundless video is boring. In the game, the headset provides full stereo sound:

A Day a Digital Shoguns for All Your Base: Last of Last(tm)

[Feb 13, 2014 – Feb 15, 2015, London, England, UK]

This is the third attempt to get my three-dimensional animated parody comedy science fiction super short film, All Your Base: Last of Last completed. To that end, I hired the Digital Shoguns for the task and paid them a visit in London, England. Here is the webpage for All Your Base: Last of Last:

Official Website:

Here are a few pics from the trip:

A Day at Digital Shoguns, London, England (official release pic)