The Kindle Fire my eGraphic Novel “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” is Here!

My comic book series, Dreadnought: Invasion Six, has been converted to an electronic Graphic Novel. Date of Publication: July 14, 2012. You can preview the first 32 pages the story here on this site: Dreadnought: Invasion Six first 32 pages

You can buy the eGraphic Novel
which includes a never-seen-before Epilogue here:

You need to use a Kindle FIre; or the free Kindle apps for Apple and Android units. (Since it’s a graphic novel, it probably won’t work well on phones, but it should work well on tablets.) If you are a Amazon Prime customer, you can ‘borrow’ it for free. If you want to buy it, it’s currently priced at $5.99.