Moline High School Class of 1977 Class Re-Union July 14, 2012

[July 14, 2012 – Moline, IL – USA]

There was a pre-re-union event on Friday that included other classes but I didn’t go. Coincidentally my dad flew in from Arizona to visit friends up here so I had dinner with my dad and company.

Saturday, went to my 35th Annual Moline Senior High School Re-Union in Moline, Illinois. Dawn Schwartz arranged for a pre-re-union get-together for the MHS band members, so about a dozen of us showed up for that. Dawn volunteered to picked me up at my hotel and chauffeured me to the pre-event event. The first batch of pictures are from that event.

After that was done, some of us dropped out, but most of us went to the official re-union at Stoney Creek Inn in Moline. About 200ish showed up. I knew about a fifteen people or so. HUng around and talked to a bunch and took half-a-ton of pictures. Hope I got almost everyone at least once. If not, sorry…

MHS Class of 1977 Re-Union 2012