The General’s 21st Annual New Year’s Eve Party – 2002


[December 31, 2002, TGN, Arlington Heights, IL] 39 people showed up – which is a record for the “house” parties. Of course, the record holder is still 80+ people at Don Moy’s restaurant a long time ago… The party lasted until 4:45am -although I pulled the plug on the web cams at 3:45am. We had three cams again, but Cam3 (KitchenCam) fritzed out during the night. Oh well. Bunch of people came, including new faces I invited from the local scifi convention scene (courtesy of Bondo, but that’s another long story). The official eZine-TGN Party Rating is in: 9.5 out of 10.

21st Annual New Year’s Eve Party