The Curse of Too Many Web Sites 2013

“The Curse of Too Many Web Sites” No, it’s not a movie. It’s just that I have too many web sites that need to be constantly updated. But I am working on two animated movies: Dreadnought: Invasion Six at (feature length) and All Your Base LOL at (short film).

The latest is that, I am late on posting more convention pictures. Sorry about that. I have been working on Dreadnought then I switched in mid-stream and working on All Your Base LOL. So the update on that is, as follows. It’s All Your Base LOL first. It will be Flash animation in the style of “Archer”. It will have a fully orchestrated original score. All five parts will be played by known science fiction actors!

More at: So far the artwork has been completed for 3 of the 5 actors, as follows:

Lizzie Roper as “Operator” in All Your Base LOL:

Claudia Christian as “Mechanic” in All Your Base LOL:

Terry Molly as “CATS” in All Your Base LOL:

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