CONvergence 2013

[July 04-07, 2013 – Minneapolis, MN, US]

Convergence was packed. It was insane. On Thursday, July 4, practically the entire con attendees descended into the hotel. 5000 people in the reg line from 11:00am till about 7:00pm. If you got stuck in the line, average wait time was 4 hours! Of course I skipped the line until is was barren, like around 8pm-ish.

With over over 6500 attendees, the 40 party rooms were crowded. Um, that’s an understatement. People, people, people just everywhere, all in the same place. The con had to make the hallways one-way only because of the massive crowds. People were saying that they need to get a bigger hotel, but I don’t know of any hotel that works as well for all of the nice lined up party rooms. The best costume I saw was Madame Vastra (took her 9 months to complete) and Jenny from Doctor Who. Click on the picture or link to see the rest:

Madame Vastra and Jenny from Doctor Who – Convergence 2013.

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