San Diego Food and Wine Fest 2023

[2023-11-09 thru 2023-11-12, San-Diego, CA US]

San Diego Food and Wine Fest 2023 is one of the top 10 food and Wine Fests in the US. So I had to go and see, of course. Well, see, eat and wine away (as well as beer and liquor if you choose to do that to). The festival is all week long culminating in the Friday, Saturday, with bonus Saturday night after party at the House of Blues, and Sunday food and wine tastings.

I just did the weekend affair with the VIP tickets (you get to go in an hour early before the HUGE throngs of people fly into the area; plus VIPs get a VIP section with different food and better wine in the section.

FRIDAY – I was talking to the winemakers (usually owners, winemakers or reps) of this one winery where they said they only brought a few bottles of each for the VIP section. I said won’t you run out, and they said yes; however the wines are $500 per bottle. Okay, and yes their wine was exquisite.

SATURDAY – Unlike Friday night where the tasting was held inside, this was all outside. The venue was right at the bay so the view was great, the weather was warm without wind so it was another great day in San Diego.

I had a ticket for the Saturday night after party at the House of Blues but I was totally wiped out. (As in, walking all day sipping wine and eating great food – and no water, like I totally forget to drink water. That’s bad – I was utterly wiped out.) SO the pics are from the official hotel, the Hyatt, and I scored a corner room so that was magnificent in itself. Friday was Lyft to venue and light rail back; but Saturday, I just went downstairs and walked to/from the venue so it was awesome. Pictures are here:

San Diego Food and Wine Fest 2023

The San Diego Food and Wine Fest is every year in November and you can get the information here. The program for each year is posted three to six months before the event, but the exact schedule is not available until a few weeks to a month before the event: San Diego Food and Wine Fest official site.

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