Key West Food and Wine Fest, Florida 2011


[Jan 26-30 2011 – Key West, FL US] Liked the first annual food and wine fest last year, so I went to the “Second Annual Key West Food and Wine Festival”. It was great. The Friday wine tasting event at “The Little Whiten House” was cool. The event was only three hours though, last year I think it went for five hours… I talked to the event organizer and he said the idea was to do the tasting, then to hit the resturants while it’s still early in the night. OIC…

The “Duvall Street Uncorked” event on Saturday was great. Merchants on Duvall Street that participate in the festival serve food and/or wine. The idea is that fest goers visit the stores and look at their wares and hopefully buy something; or come back later to shop there. Well, it was fun visiting all the stores (and a bunch were different from last year so it was interesting).

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2011