The General’s 20th Annual New Year’s Eve Party – 2001


[December 31, 2001, TGN, Arlington Heights, IL] Two dozen people showed up. Party was hopping till 3:00am. Jeff Moy even showed up this time! Hector and Renata dropped in. And, I finally got a picture of Matt and Pia, so they can now officially quit griping that their pics are not on the net! Now the technical stuff… It was a three web-cam event. Cam1 and Cam3 were 3Com low-lux USB cams. They were great. Cam2 was one of those widely advertised X10 wireless cams – they are junk: focus is hideous, no field depth and absolutely horrible quality. Oh well. Also tried out my new ice-cooled chemical fog machine. The fog actually rolls on the floor, until the “fog” reaches room temperature, then it disperses into the whole room. Dry ice is much better (of course dry ice costs a heck of a lot more). The official eZine-TGN Party Rating is in: 6 out of 10.

20th Annual New Year’s Eve Party