Steampunk Worlds Fair 2012, May 18-20


[May 18-20, 2012 – Piscataway ,NJ – USA]

Another year, another visit to the Steampunk Worlds Fair. Met my old friends there from the first Steampunk Worlds Fair. Was totally cool. The best part of the Fair is that there are a massive number of merchants there so you can get every conceivable (Inconceivable!!!) outfit or accessories thereof. The entertainment is also top notch. The con spanned two hotels and there both were crawling with a ton of people dressed to the max so it was very entertaining.

With all cons, there are pros and cons but the “cons” of the con really stood out this time. Just don’t buy extra tickets for anything other than music venues. They are very lacking. For example, the Absinthe Tasting only had two absinthe and two mead! Mead? Really? Now, I would not have minded as much if they went through the whole ritual of the melting the sugarcube, etc. Nope. Just filler entertainment trying to pad out 4 drinks in 15 minutes to a drag out of 2 hours. And this pushy “entertainer” (I use that term loosely and he shall remain nameless) kept on interrupting with his less than funny antics. He did that last year too. Very annoying. I don’t know why they let usurpers ruin planned events like that. Anyway… For the finale, Voltaire took the stage and he was quite entertaining, except (since this was a surprise guest) a lot of people felt extremely uncomfortable with his R and X rated lyrics.

So again, third year in running, I completely dis-recommend any dinner tickets, any high teas, any tastings and any event (other than music) that costs extra. I rate them a complete waste of money and precious “con time”. Enough on that – I need to emphasize everything else was just great. People were dressed to the nines and everyone was having fun. Here are a few pics. I know I should take more…

Voltaire at Steampunk Worlds Fair 2012


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