Random Travel to Marriott, Orlando, FL February 2-5, 2012


[February 2-5, 2012 – Orlando, FL – USA]

Sometimes I have a to do list of going somewhere for some reason. Well, my “home” hotel is the Miami Airport Marriott right next to the Miami Airport in Florida. Since I have been there for a while, I know a bunch of the staff there.

One day, one of the bartenders. Martha, moved to Orlando and transferred her job to the Orlando Airport Marriott. I missed her going away party in Miami by just one day – and that was last year, so I was trying to go visit her since then.

So, I was plotting my flights and I tried Miami and it was expensive, so I tried Key West ans it was worse and then I tried Orlando and the trip was cheaper than just flying to Miami (meaning the DCA – MIA – MCO flight was cheaper than the DCA – MIA flight).

So I went to the Orland Marriott and visited Martha. Luckily she was working the one of the days I was there in the cafe so we chatted. I brought a note Ira (another bartender at Miami Marriott) had written out and gave it to Martha. She said she missed the Miami Marriottt (where it’s much more live and busier). So, I got a note from Martha and I’ll give it to Ira when I hit the the Miami Marriott next time.

Martha at the Orlando Marriott

Martha at the Orlando Marriott