New Year’s Eve 2019 Washington DC River Cruise

[December 31, 2019 Alexandria, VA, US]

Déjà vu? Not quite. Yes, it’s on the same ship, the Cherry Blossom paddle-wheel, yes, from the Port of Alexandria, VA (no, not Egypt, bummer). But this year, it’s not rainy and it’s not foggy, so the skies are clear and the fireworks ought to great!

We do have a different food/drink catere4 than last year (well, I think they are different) so I noticed the food selection was not as robust. But the drink, they were fine 🙂

To recap: The paddle boat, the Cherry Blossom, is open to a public cruise only twice a year – New Year’s Eve and July 4th. So, if I am in DC on the 4th, this boat may be the best place to be to avoid the crowds!

New Year’s Eve 2019 Washington DC River Cruise on the Cherry Blossom (afternoon before the cruise)

Here is information on the paddle boat, Cherry Blossom.