Chicago, IL, Labor Day Weekend 2010


[Sep 02-06, 2010 – Chicago, IL, US] Flew into Chicago to sign the paper work at a hotel for my upcoming New Year’s Eve Party 2010. (If I know you and you didn’t get an invite, please contact me. Use the contact form to contact me – again, I have to know who you are, this is not a public event.) Anyway, I flew in Bella Maria from LAX to do the tourist thing in Chicago. Went to the Tower previously known as Sears Tower, Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain, Navy Pier, hopped on the Ferris wheel, and did a dinner cruise. Also road the “L” all over. Took the bus to Wrigley Field – no didn’t go in. Bella wanted a Chicago hot dog so we did that. And Chicago pan pizza, of course. Bella took most of the pictures – she forgot her camera so I lent her mine.

Tower previously known as Sears Tower