Aruba 2010


[Feb 4 – Feb 8, 2010, Aruba] So I few all the way down to Aruba. Equatorial, so the sun is intense! DO NOT go outside without SPF1000000 slathered all over your body! I took a five minute walk in the sun and I could feel my skin cooking. Oops. Luckily I dived into building shadows. I went on a sunset cruise and had SPF 50 on and I had to reapply the gook on my face every ten minutes or so. I saw people who were more red than the brightest red lobster walking on the beaches. Skin cancer candidates! I wanted to scream at them to get in now! They will be in massive massive pain the next day. Hopefully that’s all that will happen to them. And, hopefully their family members will inspect their skin every couple of months for about a year. (Bob Marley, the Reggae artist, died of skin cancer – on his foot. Yep, so watch out for any lumps anywhere on your skin!)