ZomBcon 2011 Oct 20-23


[October 20-23, 2011 – Seattle, WA, US]

Flew from DCA to DFW to SEA, second week in a row… It was a “mileage run” but there was a handy con in Seattle so that was cool.

On top of that, my work buddy collects mugs so he wanted me to go to the first Starbucks store in downtown Seattle so I figured what the heck. And my friends Charissa and Kevin were supposed to fly to Seattle last year for SteamCon II as a wedding gift but they didn’t make it so I got an extra one for her.

I was at the SeaTac Airport Hilton so I hopped on the light rail (which took 45 minutes) to get to downtown Seattle. Got the mug and hung out at the Pike Place Market and went to a French restaurant (Maximilien). They had Absinthe on the menu so I had to have one. That was cool.

After that mini-adventure, I attended ZomBcon 2011. There were a lo of zombies and zombie killers running around. Is there something in the air in Seattle that this con didn’t have a con suite and didn’t have any party rooms? (If you recall my last post on SteamCon III, they didn’t have a con suite; and they had only a few party rooms which were insufficient for the attendance. Oh well.) Anyway, here are the pics from the con…

Seattle, Starbucks First Store, Absinthe at Maximillien and ZomBcon 2011