St. Croix, USVI (US Virgin Islands) 2009


[November 21-23, 2009, St. Croix, USVI] So, the reason this is a short visit again is because St. Croix was a mileage run (to get miles on American Airlines so I can be “Executive Platinum” or “EXP” next year. As an EXP, you get upgraded to first class for free if there are any seats available. So it’s a humgo-benefit :).

Well, I flew in from ORD (Chicago, IL, USA) to SJU (San Juan, PR, USA). Then from SJU I flew on an ATR (GAG! Bad plane. Awful plane. This plane was banned from flying in cold/frigid/snowy weather! It is an unstable design and the pilot has to be an mega-expert to fly the stupid thing. Even the flight attendant I talked to on the plane hated the plane. And , the entire ATR fleet is falling apart. By the seams. Bad deal.) So anyway, I met Doctor Tina on the plane and we decided to explore the entire island the following day. (I was there only for one whole day, Tina was there for the whole week to scuba dive.) So, Tina and I went from the east most point of the island to the (almost) west most part of the island. It was totally fun! You can see the pictures in chronological order…

St. Croix, USVI