SteamCon III Oct 13-16 2011


[October 13-16 , 2011 – Seattle, WA, US]

Flew from DCA to DFW to SEA. Left 2:00pm Eastern and got to my hotel 1:00am Pacific. Ug, so I slept a bit late…

Hotel was nice and huge with people milling around all day and night. I was at SteamCon II and it was so so, but hey, it was their second year. I thought they would get it together this time but sadly, not quite. There was a major lack of party rooms – I mean attendance was in the thousands and there were a whopping 3 party rooms per night. And it had no con suite! I mean really? There was a volunteers’ room that was about 99.999% empty about 99.999% of the time. That could have been a con suite right there. (And you really don’t have to stock it with goodies, just a few snacks so people can gather and mingle – that’s the whole point – so it can be uber-low cost.)

There were two bars in the hotel so people split between the two and there never was a “place to hang out”. Oh well. Maybe next year. A lot of people were there during the day but dissipated into the ether as it got into the evening. Not a good thing. Well, with all of the handicaps that were there, the intrepid people did hang out and have fun.

Here are the pics from the con…

Girl Genius at SteamCon III


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