Pacific Food and Wine Classic – Sep 2023

[30-Sep 2023 Newport Dunes, CA US]

I bought a ticket for the Pacific Food and Wine Classic held on Saturday 30-Sep-2023 in Newport Dunes, CA.

It was another afternoon of a ton of great food and a lot of amazing wines. There were a few hard liquor spots and a few mixed-in-a-can something booths but I skipped those and stuck to the wine. Of wait, I did try one chocolate vodka and that was amazing. The flavored alcoholic drinks are just so so dangerous… 🙂

The weather was nice, then all of a sudden got a lot cooler and gusts of win picked up. One of the booths had a solid wood panel shelving background and that tipped over. No one was hurt but all the wine on the shelves splattered everywhere. That was a horrible site to behold…

It started raining for a few minutes but that let up and the rest of the day was rather pleasant. The food was fantastic as well as the wines.

I was walking around so much I didn’t take too many pictures – sorry about that, but here they are. Here is the Jadot booth before huge throngs of people crowed in…

Pacific Food and Wine Classic 2023

The Atlanta Food and Wine Fest is every year in September and you can get the information here. The program for each year is posted three to six months before the event each year at Pacific Food and Wine Classic official site.

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