Long Island Adventure April 27-30 2017

[April 27-30 2017, Long Island, NY, US]

The weekend was great, but it was airplane delays coming and going…

Where to begin…

So I was going to JFK. So were my instant at-the-airport buddies below. They were going to San Juan to beach away the weekend. The flight was supposed to leave at 5:05. Didn’t happen. (JFK sucks, more than 50% of the planes going in from DCA are severely delayed or cancelled outright.) They had to get rerouted through Dallas and lost (at least) a day. Me, I had to go to JFK so I hung around. Got in at 3:00am at the hotel. It was not cool. Oh well – that was Thursday.

Met up with Mike and Melissa on Friday and went to two Long Island distilleries:

Then we went to the Montauk Point Lighthouse on Saturday all the way at the tail end of Long Island just before the gig:

And, the reason for the visit was a CD release party for the Walk-A-Bout band, at which Mike was playing bass guitar for – at the famous Stephen Talkhouse. Here are the pictures in order (click on pic or the link below the pic):

Long Island Adventure with Mike and Melissa and Walk-A-Bout

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