Key West Food and Wine Fest 2022

[26-30 January, 2022 Key West, FL, US]

So this is the 13th Annual Key West Food and Wine Fest 2022. My 12th time here 🙂 I missed the first one ever last year in 2021 due to COVID. Oh well…

Every year, the weather is different, from blasting hot, just right, to cool to cold. This year, it tended to be mostly cool during the day and cold at night.

There were a lot of events and there were less attendees than normal. Hopefully in 2023, we will get back to normal crowd levels. Anyway, enough words, let the pictures do the talking. Pictures are in chorological order. I left some brief comments under some pictures. So you can click on the pic below or the link under it to go to the picture page:

Key West Food and Wine Fest 2022

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