Cayman Islands July 29-31-2011


[July 29-31-2011 – Cayman Islands – British West Indies (UK)]

First the bad:

Okay, I splurged this weekend. Cayman Islands aren’t cheap any way you cut it. I think it’s the most expensive place to go in the Caribbean and the Gulf, bar none. I thought Bermuda was expensive. I was sadly mistaken… All of the hotels there are a major vampire on your credit cards. The Westin where I stayed at was “old”. They charged all kinds of fees and I didn’t get anything in return for it. “Resort fee” for what? Absolutely zippo. And, the other fees they tack onto your “room charge” would make the airlines cry for the inventiveness of the vamping… I dis-recommend the Westin.

And, the Cayman dollar is more expensive than the US Dollar (US$1.00 get you 80 cents Cayman). In fact, if you want to go to the Caymans, don’t even go there directly – hop on a cruise ship instead! A day stay in Cayman will pay for about 33% of your 7 day cruise (assuming double occupancy). No, I don’t work for the cruise industry.

Next the good:

Okay, my rant is over. Otherwise the island sky and water is amazingly crisp, clean and just gorgeous. Went to the restaurant at the end of the island at Rum Point via catamaran onn Friday. The restaurant looked like a typical island joint but the food was amazingly excellent. The tab includes tip, so make sure you don’t double tip.

On Saturday, went snorkeling right off the beach to Governor’s Reef and the fish just swam around you. Totally awesome. I bought a cheapie underwater camera. But it’s film, so I’ll post those pictures later – after I get them back from the processor.

Then of course Sunday rolled around and flew off the island. Here are the pics:

Cayman Islands July 29-31-2011