Los Angeles – Shout Factory, John Wells Productions, and Warner Brothers

[10-14 July 2019, Los Angeles, CA USA]

It’s July already. Went to Los Angeles, CA. Of course, I brushed up my materials for my scifi adventure story (invasion6.com) and brought along my newly published graphic novel, aptly name “Invasion 6”, available at MyComicShop.com. I had two appointments, arranged through a charity auction site. I met with Garrison Foos, the CEO of Shout Factory, and Joy Daffern, SVP of Operations at John Wells Productions.

Met Joy Daffern at the Warner’s lot executive cafe. That was neat. It was harder to get into the Warner Brother’s lot than it is to get into a government building! Okay, no, just kidding. We had a great lunch. It was fun. The following day, met with Garson at a local restaurant and that was a great lunch too. Both of them were very nnice and very personable. It was truly a fun time. Joy went out of her way to arrange for a Warner Brthers tour for me on Saturday. That was awesome of her and the tour was very interesting! Here are the pictures, just click on the pic or the link below:

Warner Brothers Lot, Los Angeles, CA

(P.S. Once on the lot itself, all those trees you see in the pictures are all fake. Yep, all plastic. Looks real though, doesn’t it?)