Loft 2 Miami Halloween Party – Oct 24, 2014

[Oct 24, 2014 – Miami, FL]

The condominium association decided to have fun here and there so they put on a Halloween party. It was a week before the “real” Halloween weekend so turnout was pretty good. Here are some pictures from the event. I took the pictures without using a flash because I didn’t want to ruin the ambiance; so the bulk of them have a fuzzy focus, sorry… Click on the pic or link to get to the pictures page:

Loft 2 Miami Halloween Party 2014

GLOW in Oracle, Arizona 2014

[Oct 11, 2014 – Oracle, AZ]

GLOW for 2014 is over. It was weirdly cool. It’s at the Triangle L Ranch in the boonies – in Oracle, AZ. It’s about a one hour drive north of Tucson. GLOW is an yearly event. It got so big, the owner split the event into four weekend nights. The desert is lit up with lights all over. And weird glow-y artwork from local artists. And bands. And pie. No, it’s not a rave. No, there is no alcohol. It’s a family thing, it’s a young to old thing. And everyone wears something that, well, glows. It was almost like a sci fi convention. Hey, even the Doctor showed up. Well, the TARDIS was there but the Doctor must have slipped away in the darkness 🙂 It was really different. And fun. Catch it next year.

GLOW in Oracle, AZ

Club Med Prodvinciales (Turks and Caicos Islands) with 2014

[Aug 28, 2014 – Sep 01, 2014, Prodvinciales, Turks and Caicos Islands]

This is my vacation from my vacation. Just relax and do nothing weekend at Club Med booked through No, it’s not a cruise, it was a land only thing. The picture below is from the Sunset Cruise on Friday night. For more pictures, click on the pic or link below 🙂

Sunset Cruise on Friday

Moline High School Class of 1977 Class Re-Union July 14, 2012

[July 14, 2012 – Moline, IL – USA]

There was a pre-re-union event on Friday that included other classes but I didn’t go. Coincidentally my dad flew in from Arizona to visit friends up here so I had dinner with my dad and company.

Saturday, went to my 35th Annual Moline Senior High School Re-Union in Moline, Illinois. Dawn Schwartz arranged for a pre-re-union get-together for the MHS band members, so about a dozen of us showed up for that. Dawn volunteered to picked me up at my hotel and chauffeured me to the pre-event event. The first batch of pictures are from that event.

After that was done, some of us dropped out, but most of us went to the official re-union at Stoney Creek Inn in Moline. About 200ish showed up. I knew about a fifteen people or so. HUng around and talked to a bunch and took half-a-ton of pictures. Hope I got almost everyone at least once. If not, sorry…

MHS Class of 1977 Re-Union 2012


AnachroCon 2012 – February 23-26


[February 23-26, 2012 – Atlanta, GA – USA]

Ok, finally a con with a ton of pictures. My second time at AnachroCon, a Steampunk convention. The first time I was there they already outgrew that hotel. I hate to say it but they were bursting at the seams at this hotel. The con suite was removed from the activities, but was on the same floors as the party rooms that wasn’t too bad. The party rooms were great, in fact. I think this is the first Steam event I went to where there were half a dozen party rooms per night, so that was awesome! However, the dealers room was incredibly way too small. I’d say one of the features of a great Steampunk con is a great Steampunk dealers room – because people always want to upgrade what they have or start buying bits and pieces for the next costume. (A BIG dealers room is essential.) Nonetheless, it was great! And I seem to meet more people at Steam-cons than at any other con. Met “Biscuit” and her hubbby “Limey” (he’s from the UK, yes, he used it on himself so it’s not being rude or anything) this time. And a bunch more people. I do highly recommend AnachroCon, go next year! Here are the pics:

AnachroCon 2012